Monday 1 October 2012

Preston is not accredited

Being not accredited as per your potential and reputation is something that can really break the rhythm and bring to an end the passion of any person or institute. Same goes for the institution that gave me so much to learn and gain. Preston is not accredited by the critics and analyst as per its potential and as much as it deserve.
This is rather sad to see that a educational institution which is delivering supreme education services to the masses is denied its real recognition. However, I would take the liberty is stating that Preston is not accredited enough as per his potential and as ex-student of Preston Institute I has experienced the prodigiousness and phenomenal services that is delivered by the institute.
I would rather urge the educationist and government official that irrespective of the past where Preston is not accredited its due worth, they should make sure that the institute gets its real and worth respect and recognition.